General Information

In which countries that Ornate Audio will ship to?
We ship to many countries worldwide. If you cannot find your country when you are entering the address during check-out or registering your membership, please send us a note at sales@ornateaudio.com and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

What kinds of connectors do Ornate Audio provide?
At this moment, we provide a wide choice of connectors for IEM cables, from typical CIEM 2PIN (0.78) or mmcx connectors to other specified connectors such as Sennheiser IE400pro etc. For the selection of connectors of headphone cables and other connection cables, please refer to corresponding product page.
In most cases, we are happy to provide customized services; So, if you cannot find your targeted connector in our page, please send us a note at sales@ornateaudio.com and we will do our best to find a solution for you.
The pattern of the shell of the connector may be subject to change due to supplies.

What kinds of termination type do Ornate Audio provide?
At this moment, you can choose 2.5mm TRRS (balance), 4.4mm TRRRS (balance) or 3.5mm TRS (Non-balance) for earphone cables. 2.5mm TRRS (balance), 4.4mm TRRRS (balance), 3.5mm TRS, 6.35mm TRS, 4pin XLR or Dual 3pin XLR for most of the headphone cables. For the selection of termination type of other cable, please refer to corresponding product page.
The pattern of the shell of the termination may be subject to change due to supplies.


What payment method can I use during my purchase?
At this moment, we accept PayPal as our only payment method.

Delivery and Shipment

What will be the method of delivery for my order?
Order will be shipped either by International Express Service (for example Fedex, Aramex, TNT and etc.) or Standard Register Airmail Service. You can choose the shipping method during your checkout. International Express Service will be more expensive than Standard Register Airmail Service, but the item will reach your side much faster if it is shipped by International Express Service. Currently, due to the situation of Covid-19, Standard Register Airmail Service is suspended in certain countries or regions.

How long does it take to receive my item?
As most of our item are handcraft cables. Normally, your order will be shipped within 21days after your purchase. Depending on the carrier or country you are in and the method of shipping that you chose during checkout, it could be as long as one to two week (International Express Service) or around a month (Standard Register Airmail Service) for a package to arrive. As such your item should be able to arrive within 40 days after your purchase if your order is shipped by International Express Service. Nonetheless, additional time may be required depending on the particular requirements of your country’s customs.
Unfortunately, due to the situation of Covid-19, there could be a serious delay in shipping process. This doesn't meant it happens to every parcel we sent out but it does take place with many. Please take in to account while processing a purchase that it will take considerably longer for your parcel to be delivered than usual. We are apologized for any inconvenience caused. 

What can I do if the item is "out of stock"?
If the item is temporary out of stock due to supplies problem, you can still order the item. In this case, the item will be shipped within 8 weeks after purchase. We recommend you to contact us via sales@ornateaudio.com before you making your purchase in this case.

How much do I pay for delivery service?
Shipments are subject to the particular carrier rate which depends on the countries that you are living in. You will find your shipping rate during checkout.

Can my order be tracked?
Yes, all products will be sent by International Express Service or International Standard Registered Airmail Service; as such, tracking code will be provided. You can also track your order after you login to your account. For Standard Register Airmail Service, processing and delivery information of mail at the destination will not be provided in Canada, Netherlands and United States of America (processing and delivery information of International Registered Mail were not released by these countries).

Is taxes or duties included in my purchase?
Import duties, taxes and charges are NOT included in the item price or shipping charges. All of these charges are buyer’s responsibility.

Can the delivery country be different from the purchasing country?
Not at this moment, we are trying our best to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent transactions. As such, delivery country and purchasing country must be the same in this case.

Is a signature required upon delivery of my order?
For security reason, all of our online purchases require an adult signature upon delivery.


What should I do if I would like to return an item?
Please inform us if you would like to return an item by filling the form in here.

How long do I have to return an item?
You have 15 days to request a return from the time of receipt. All of our cables come with a 15-days no reason return policy that begins on the date that you have received the item. Returned products must be received in like-new condition with all accessories (including packing) for a 20% restocking fee to be assessed. Any returns less than new condition, missing accessories, and/or unoriginal packaging may be assessed a larger restocking fee. New Old Stock (NOS) and Demo products are sold as-is, so these items are NOT included in our 15-days no reason return policy.

Do I have to pay for returning my items?
Yes, customers are responsible for the shipping fee for the return product. Furthermore, in normal situation a 20% restocking fee will be charged.

How will I receive my refund after returning an item?
Once we have received and inspected your return, we will process your refund shortly. If there is a restocking fee, we will contact you before your refund.
The refund will be conducted via PayPal. It can take few days for the process depends on the financial institution. But normally, it will not be more than a week.

Can I try each of your products, and return those I don’t like?
The 15-day return is limited to three orders per customer per year, with a maximum of two products per order. Even with our broad line, this should give you a plenty of opportunities to try new gear that catches your fancy.

Product Warranty

Is there any warranty come with the products of Ornate Audio?
Our products come with a 1-year limited warranty from the date of delivery against defects in manufacture and assembly.
Nevertheless, New Old Stock (NOS) and Demo products are sold as-is, no warranty will be provided for these items.

In what circumstances the warranty will be void?
Warranty is void under, but not limit to, the following circumstances:
(i)  Normal or fair wear and tear and/or any wear from environmental deterioration of the Ornate Audio Product and/or its components;  such as the oxidation of wire etc.
(ii) Wear and tear or deteriorate of appearance
(iii) Not being able to provide authentication for warranty or authentication materials are damaged
(iv) Modification of any kind
(v) Customer failed to provide an original  proof  of  purchase.  Any  photocopies, snapshots or photo, etc. are not considered to be original 
(vi) Any defects, malfunction, loss and/or damages caused by or resulting  from any of the following:‐ 

  • any accident or negligence not caused by the fault of Ornate Audio
  • any improper installation or connection of the Ornate Audio (including without limitation any improper connection of the Ornate Audio to improper voltage or power source) not caused by the fault of any of the Ornate Audio
  • any improper care, dropping, mishandling, misuse, abuse or unreasonable  or improper use, operation or maintenance of the Ornate Audio Product
  • any operation of the Ornate Audio Product with any faulty, unsuitable or inappropriate apparatus and/or ancillary equipment
  • any use of the Ornate Audio Product under abnormal or inappropriate voltage or power surges
  • failure to use, operate or maintain the Ornate Audio Product in accordance with the instructions set out in the users' manual
  • exposure of the Ornate Audio Product to extreme temperature, heat, water or other liquids, insects, excessive moisture,  sand, chemicals, battery leakage or any other contaminants
  • any force majeure events, including but not limited to  any  acts  of  God,  fire, lightning,  typhoon,  storm,  earthquake,  hurricane,  natural  disaster,  tsunami, flood, war, riot, public disturbance
  • any other causes beyond the reasonable control of Ornate Audio 

(vii) This warranty is in addition to, and in no way detracts from, your statutory rights as a consumer under any applicable laws governing this warranty
(viii) If any provision of this warranty  is  unlawful,  void  or  unenforceable  under  the applicable laws governing this warranty, that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity of any of the remaining provisions.

Do I have to pay for the warranty?
Ornate Audio will not bear any of the logistics cost within the warranty period, customer is responsible for the shipping fee of the item. And the repair of any products during warranty will not extend the original warranty term.

Can I still repair the item after the warranty period?
Yes, we can still repair items which is outside the warranty period. Inspection fee of USD 40 will be charged for any items with the original price below or equal to USD 250,USD60 will be charged for any items with the original price higher than USD250. Necessary part(s) fee will be quoted after inspection; inspection fee will not be deducted from the part(s) fee. Customer is also responsible for the shipping fee of the item in this case.