Gloxinia (Dual 3pin XLR to 2.5mm or 4.4mm Balance)

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Gloxinia is a balanced headphone adapter that allows your balanced 4.4mm TRRRS or 2.5 TRRS earphone being used on a headphone amp with dual 3-pin XLR balanced output.

Gloxinia shares similar wire geometric as Muscari; with 4X 20AWG high Purity Copper conductors, Gloxinia is another proof of our efforts to minimize distortion or change of sound tune when an adaptor is used.

A copper braid shielding is applied in order to minimize any noise occur during signal transfer via the adapter cable.

All of the wires, as well as the copper braid shielding, are directly soldered to the connectors.

All of the cables from our Blossom Series are cross braided by hand.

Tech Specs
Material High Purity Copper Wire X4
Number of Conductors 4
AWG 20
Length Approx. 15cm (Length of connectors are included)
Shielding Copper braid shielding
Connector (Female) 4.4mm TRRRS / 2.5mm TRRS
Connector (Male) Dual 3-pin XLR

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