Blue Bell

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Highlighted in its high density and details, Blue Bell also delivers an amazing soundstage.

It also provides a neutral sound, which means it’s fairly balance in highs, mids, and lows.

All of the cables from our Blossom Series are cross braided by hand.


We do provide custom-made service for the Blue Bell, if you cannot find the connector for your headphone on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Tech Specs
Material High Purity Copper Wire X4
Number of Conductors 4
AWG 20
Termination Type 3.5mm TRS; 2.5mm TRRS; 4.4mmTRRS; 6.35mm TRS;4 Pin XLR; Dual 3 Pin XLR Connector : twin 3.5mm TS (for Meze Classic 99 series, Pioneer Monitor 5 etc.); Mini XLR (for AKG 702, 712 etc);A2DC for Ath-ESW990H etc.);twin 2.5mm TS (for Sennheiser HD700 etc.);Lemo Plug (for Campfire Audio Cascade, Sennheiser HD800, Fostex Utopia and etc.) +10USD; Connector for Fostex TH610 TH900 etc.;Connector for Audio Technica HD25HD580 HD600 HD650 etc.;MMCX for Shure SRH1840, SRH 1540, SRH1440)
Length 1.2m; 2m; 3m

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