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A signature hybrid cable of Ornate Audio with 8 conductors – 4X 26AWG silver plated high purity copper wire and 4X 26AWG high purity copper wire.

Highlight in excellent base and surround with nice details and highs.

Lilac is a relatively all-rounded cable while you will definite love it if you are a pop song lover.

All of the cables from our Blossom Series are cross braided by hand.

Tech Specs
Material High Purity Silver Plated Copper Wire X4; High Purity Copper Wire X4
Number of Conductors 8
AWG 26
Termination Type 3.5mm TRS ; 2.5mm TRRS ; 4.4mm TRRRS
Connector MMCX; IEM 2-pin; A2DC for Audio Technica; Connectors for Sennheiser IE80, IE80 Pro etc.; Connectors for IE40 pro; Connectors for Sennheiser IE400 Pro, IE500 Pro, etc.; Connectors for Acoustune HS1695TI etc.; Connectors for Sony XBA series; MMCX for Dunu DN-2002; IPX for UE6 Pro etc.
Length Approx. 1.3m

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